Digital Marketing Web and Mobile Development Management Interface Other Features

Digital Marketing

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Promote your site organically throw Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and other search engineers in the internet. Search engine were built to help visitors to find the right site for the searching keywords. They have a complicated logic based on site’s content, design, visitors and other sites interactions.

Direct Sponsored Marketing

promote your business through Google search, Google banners, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other mobile platforms. Usually the type of business and campaign can help us which platforms to choose and how to generate the campaign, ether by just reaching specific people or generate leads or customers by the same specific audience.

Email and SMS Marketing

Reach your database by Email and SMS using a professional content and distribute, also promote your business by showing your ads in the Email inbox of specific audience you look for and reach more new customers.

Social Management

Manage your social pages by dedicated experts to make you business’s front look professional and propitious. social pages not just a page to follow or like, pages are becoming the heart of social network as a search engine.

Web and Mobile development


Draw your imagination by our dedicated canvas experts and export it as an image or website’s part.

Web Page / Landing Page

Create your Landing page to promote your business and reach new customers by leaving their details or your business details. well designed and content page should make visitors interaction with your business higher and make your campaign's ROI - "Return on investment" better than you expected.

Responsive modern websites.

Build you business on the global online, buy your domain and make people visit your business online. Well designed and content website always giving a long-term feedback and branding your business even if customers didn’t tell you that. Build it as responsive website to reach visitors by all devices: computer, tablets and Smartphones.

Build Phone Application

Build your phone application supported by IOS- “Apple”, Android- “Samsung and other devices”. In our modern times, phone application is the best way to communicate with our customers continuously with no costs. Also it’s becoming the best way for your customers to interact with your business with no need to visit your physical address or wait in line to talk to your agents.

Other Features

Define your business on google maps or Waze app, share your business by WhatsApp, make it easy for your customers to contact you by clicking to reach you throw WhatsApp, phone, SMS or email. Add to your website notification feature supported by chrome and safari browser and stay connected with your customers. Add chatbox to your site and make it easy for your customers to get the fastest answer they need. Implement the registration field to make your visitors let their personal details for contacting by your agents. Think and imagine a new feature which could help your business, contact us, and we will get it done for you.

Management Solutions

organizational consulting

get our experts, one who can understand your business type and help you improve your business sales, management, manpower and more...

Database Management Interface

It’s easy to manage and remember your customer maybe when the customer’s quality by tens. But when your business is growing, it's very important to have an interface to manage them, write your comments, save their history, assign them a group or a status and help you how to contact them next time to make them purchase again. Build your customer management interface customized by your business needs.


Template Theme

build a template theme for your business - Logo, Colors, Slogan and general design for website or phone app.


Logo must be unique, business’s vision should be to reach the level that the customer knows who you are when see your logo, with no more text or information. Our designers and creative team will help you figure out which logo can fit your business and take you to that level.


Is an image area with different sizes which contain pictures, icons and text. Banners can be used for social networks, direct and sponsored campaign. Banner is the first thing the user sees so it must be unique and attractive to make the user clicks on and move to your next step.

Landing pages

Design a landing page you imagined or dreamed on. Landing page design is very important since it helps to keep the user more time in the page and may encourage him to interact with your business or make a purchase.

Content – create, edit and translate

We can create content, edit content or translate it. OBT has 3 languages made in house: English, Hebrew, Arabic. Also, we work with outsourcing entities which cover:Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Italian, Spanish, French and Dutch.

Other outsourcing solution:

OBT can help you with other feature may you look for to grow up your business